Take a look how we support Asperger families in Essex…

People don’t always understand exactly what we do and how we can help. With this video kindly made for us by Blatella Films you can really see the benefit of our charity and the worth to individuals. Interaction is key with Aspergers and we provide a range of resources that focus on participation for adults and children. See for yourself the difference we make with the help of our supporters.

SAFE is a support group for individuals and families affected by Asperger Syndrome (AS) and High Functioning Autism (HFA) in Essex, including the unitaries of Southend and Thurrock.

SAFE (Supporting Asperger Families in Essex) is a parent support group that works to:

  • Raise awareness of Asperger syndrome
  • Provide support for individuals and families living with Asperger syndrome
  • Share information in order to raise the quality of care and understanding within our communities
  • Develop services for people and families affected by Asperger syndrome

Since we were formed in 1997 hundreds of people have made contact with us and many find that talking to others with Asperger syndrome and their families, sharing experiences and feelings, helps them cope.

SAFE offers a valuable opportunity to exchange information on practical topics such as how to claim benefits, how to obtain a Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), how to access support, how to get into the job market, how to get help developing social skills and planning for the future.

We work with employment, education, health, mental health and social care departments to improve and develop services for people with Asperger syndrome and their families.

Please also see our information leaflets SAFE Aspergers Adults Unmasked and SAFE Asperger Unmasked Information for Parents